Dreams of a Giant (2016)

The foundation of “Dreams of a Giant” is Revelations 1:1-3 Jesus begins speaking with John in a vision about his return and the events that follow. Upon my return to music specifically hip-hop and my hometown Chicago the Lord placed upon my heart that he wanted me to be an example (not perfect) to the culture of hip-hop and aid other artist who’ve been given the exact same assignment via their life testimony. Just as John began to have visions so did I. All that has transpired in Chicago I was privy to via many dreams and visions. I give a personal account of my walk past and present to encourage my brothers and sisters in Christ who are striving for holiness.  And hope to those who are fighting despair in these dark times. As I said in the title track (Dreams of a Giant) “This is a collection of dreams, prophecies, and eternal thoughts. And who am I? I am the giant. I am because of I AM!”

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